Candid Conversations for personal and team development with Sarah Turner

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Date(s) - February 12, 2019
11:30 am - 1:00 pm

Indianapolis Marriott North


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Program Description

As situations arise in the workplace we often find ourselves running in circles around the ‘heart of the matter.’  Whether it be from a fear of resistance by others or our own discomfort in bringing up challenging topics, a common reaction to difficult conversations is avoidance.  The art of having ‘candid conversations’ is invaluable and can diffuse even the toughest of situations into an open, honest environment where ‘real’ results are accomplished.  This program is designed to walk through how to both provide and receive candid feedback/feedforward on the path to creating powerful results.

Learning Objectives

      • Discuss a culture of compliance vs. a culture of communication vs. a culture of candor
      • Introduce the Radical Candor Matrix as a model for effective Candid Dialogues
      • Highlight best practices in using feedback and feedforward to create productive outcomes for both individuals and teams

Interactivity & Take-aways    

Participants will discuss types of candid dialogues and watch a series of video clips to assess productive versus unproductive candid conversations.  We’ll also share insights on customizing a dialogue to the receiver’s communication style for maximum effectiveness.


About Sara Turner

As a Principal at The Faurote Group, Sarah serves as a professional trainer, consultant, and executive coach to clients.  Her specialties include customized training programs for developing strong leaders, personalized coaching plans to assist in determining and achieving goals, as well as customized support for corporate initiatives for maximizing success.  She has multiple certifications including the Emotional Intelligence instruments EQI2.0® and EQ360® as well as DISC, Platinum Rule™, Predicative Index™, and being a certified Corporate Athlete®.

With a strong business background in public accounting and years in Corporate Talent Development, Sarah brings a unique perspective to all levels of employees amongst a variety of industries.  Her passion for helping others grow in an effort to capitalize an organization’s most precious resource, its people, creates a dynamic and powerful formula for results.

In addition, she is actively involved in developing the young leaders of tomorrow, serving on the board of directors of the nationally acclaimed Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership Program.