Interrupting Unconscious Gender Bias in the Workplace! By: Indy Chamber

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Date(s) - August 30, 2016
7:30 am - 9:00 am

Forum Credit Union Conference Center


Interrupting Unconscious Gender Bias in the Workplace!

Whether real or perceived, many women still believe they continue to be “disadvantaged” in the workplace because of their gender.

Women leaders are often described using certain characteristics such as caring, warm, polite, and sensitive. These traits, also known as descriptive stereotypes, have resulted in a “lack of a fit” between the perception of the type of personality a woman is supposed to have verses what she actually has. Even today, some believe that women who go against these prescribed norms are seen as violating their roles as women and sometimes penalized because of it.

Even though most women strive to eliminate gender bias in the way we think and behave, research – not to mention the evidence of just looking around most company leadership teams and boardrooms – shows signs that we have work to do.

Rather than continue to talk about it- Women need to rethink the way they think and act towards each other, if there’s any real hope to achieve a fairer, more inclusive, and more level workplace.

Lori Ball and Patty Prosser will share their own broad personal and professional experiences on this frequently debated topic- along with strategies YOU can develop to take control of your own environment and minimize the impacts of gender bias in your own career.

Registration deadline is August 25 at 5 pm.