Events Committee

The Events Committee creates and executes the programming events in accordance with the vision and values approved by the Board of Directors. Committee members work together using their contacts to develop interesting and diverse topics and presentation formats to meet the broad interests, and enhance the professional development, of the membership. The events are the primary purpose of the organization, and are intended to be free to members whenever possible.

Events Committee Chairs: Chaleise Fleming ( and Sarah Bateman (

Book Club Steering Subcommittee:

The Book Club Steering Subcommittee selects a book, on a quarterly basis, for members to read and then meet to discuss in an open and comfortable atmosphere with the enriching exchange of thoughts and ideas. The books selected are non-fiction and are either for professional development or biographical in nature. Book Club Meetings are an opportunity for members to network and to engage in discussions about their professional and personal life experiences.

Book Club Steering Subcommittee Chair: Stephanie Dunn (

University Outreach Subcommittee:

The University Outreach Subcommittee is designed to introduce students to opportunities in the finance industry. The committee brings seasoned professionals together with university students to educate students about career options and to provide valuable networking experience. The committee works with local universities to organize career nights and events at the schools.

University Subcommittee Chair: Justin Murphy (

Volunteer Subcommittee:

The Volunteer Subcommittee believes that development of leadership skills and a diverse network often happens on not-for-profit boards.  Our objective is to introduce our members to board roles that partner their professional skills and their passion for non-for-profit causes.  We plan hands on volunteer events to help connect and develop relationships with other EWF members.

Volunteer Committee Chair: Julie Overton (

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee works to attract high-level female finance professionals who will supplement the overall objectives of Executive Women in Finance. The committee will meet as needed to evaluate prospective member qualifications.

Membership Committee Chairs: Brittany Benson ( and Stephanie Ewing (

Awards Subcommittee:

The Awards Subcommittee is responsible for identifying and nominating candidates for various awards given in and around the Indianapolis market in the field of Finance.  Examples of awards include The Indiana Lawyer “Up and Coming” and “Distinguished Barrister” awards; the IBJ “CFO of the Year” award; and the IBJ “40 Under 40” award.  It is an ideal opportunity to recognize members of EWF who have distinguished themselves by their professional accomplishments.  Self-nominations are also welcome.

Awards Subcommittee Chair: Erin Dettwiler (

Mentor Program Subcommittee:

The Mentor Program Subcommittee matches established EWF members with those new EWF members or those members new to the industry or in transition. The committee provides educational and networking opportunities to propel younger professionals in their careers and to maximize their membership in our organization.

Mentor Program Subcommittee Chair: Tania Deng ( and Zainab Bass (

Development Committee

The Development Committee’s mission is to engage our members’ respective organizations and to provide them with the opportunity to support women in those organizations and in the broader community of female finance professionals through sponsorship of EWF and its events and programs.  Our Development Committee members serve as key liaisons with our sponsors both in terms of crafting appropriate sponsorship opportunities and making sure that our sponsors receive their sponsorship benefits to their satisfaction.

Development Committee Chair: Angela Wessler ( and Jayna Cacioppo (

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee shall select the candidates for Directors and Officers. The candidates selected by the Governance Committee shall be submitted to the Members at the Annual Meeting. The Governance Committee shall accept written recommendations at any time. Additional nominations from the Members shall be received from the floor at such Annual Meeting.

Governance Committee Chair: Kayla Britton (

Marketing/Communications Committee

The Marketing/Communications Committee helps to publicize Executive Women in Finance events and programs as well as communicate the mission of Executive Women in Finance to the membership and potential members through efforts on social media, newsletters, emails and the website.

Marketing/Communications Committee Chair:  Meegan Morgan (